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A New Quilt Story!

With our annual quilt auction less than 10 days away, here is a quilt story and photo shared by Nancy Neshem (see below). Quilt picture from Nancy NeshemI purchased this little quilt at the 1999 Quilt Auction.  Grace was born in August that year and I wondered if I should give it to her. Carey said ‘why not’ and now the rest of the story:

It has been mended by Luverne Tufto a few years in and later I replaced the whole front and batting. The polyester is still in good shape, of course. The blanket still goes with her always but she says I can’t fix it until she goes to college. Maybe!

Her Grandpa Harley & she have a game, though. He hides it when she puts it down for a moment but always leaves a tiny bit of corner in sight. She groans when she discovers it missing, then searches until it is found and soundly chastises him. This has been happening for many years and still is funny.” – Nancy Neshem

If you have a story about a quilt you purchased at one of our auctions, please let us know, and we will share it with others. Don’t forget to mark your calendars–June 28 at 10:00 a.m. is the quilt auction at the Christian Center….you won’t want to miss it!