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All Staff Reunion Schedule

All Reunion Activities for Friday and Saturday are
at Camp Metigoshe, Pelican Lake

6:00 Registration and Pick-Up Supper at The Lodge at
Camp Metigoshe, Pelican Lake
7:30 Hoot-n-Anny in the Koinonia Worship Center
8:30 Snacks
9:00 Family Campfire at Fire Chapel (for those little
ones with early bed times)
10:00 Campfire at Jimbo
After Fireworks and Sauna On

7:45 Road Runner and Polar Bear, if you dare
8:45 First Word on the Front Deck of The Lodge
9:00 Breakfast at The Lodge
9:45 All Staff Reunion Picture
10:00 Choir (Childcare Available)
10:45 High Ropes Orientation & Your Choice
Tie Dye at Luther Hall
High Ropes
12:30 Lunch
1:30 – 4:30 Free Time
Tie Dye at Luther Hall
High Ropes
Trading Post

2:00 Golf at the Birchwood
2:30 Frolf (Frisbee Golf) Tournament
Departs from Anna Manor
3:00 Campfire Food Fair in the Fire
5:00 Musical in the Koinonia Worship Center
6:30 Metigoshe State Fair at Whiffle Ball Field
7:30 Family Campfire in the Fire Chapel or Power Half
8:00 Capture the Flag or Luther Hall Extravaganza
9:00 Pre-Christ Hike Worship Service in Koinonia
Worship Center
9:15 Christ Hike
After Snacks

Continental Breakfast in The Lodge
9:00 Optional Worship at the Lakeside Chapel
10:00 Coffee, Cookies, and Mingling at the Lakeside
10:30 Worship with the All-Staff Choir at the Lakeside
11:45 Lunch at The Lodge at Pelican Lake
12:30 Good-byes