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About The Campaign

Tens of thousands of people have been impacted by Metigoshe Ministries since it first opened in the 1930s. Now our facilities have reached or exceeded the capacity to serve participants well. Help us ensure we answer the challenge of ministering to all those seeking spiritual renewal through “Adventure Anchored in Christ.”
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The Plan

The plan to grow the capacity to serve at Metigoshe Ministries includes multiple phases. Phase 1 includes replacing 15 cabins, an addition to Anna Manor and a new housing facility, all at Pelican Lake. Phase 2 includes substantially increasing the meeting capacity of The Christian Center, as well as adding six theme rooms, office space and a sauna.  These improvements will ensure the ministry and serve many more generations into the future.

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How You Can Help


Summer 2019

Phase II:   Christian Center Expansion Project

We hope you (and your friends) will join us this summer as we begin building our expansion of the Christian Center, located at Lake Metigoshe. 

We are finished with Phase I, cabin replacement , Gary’s Place and other projects at camp, now it is time to build at the Christian Center!

We have partnered again with Mission Builders – an outreach group of the ELCA.  Mission Builders use their God-given skills to help ELCA congregations, schools, camps and social ministry organizations construct or improve their facilities. Mission Builders build with local members of congregations, schools, camps and social ministry organizations. A typical project includes the Mission Builders, members of the congregation or organization and various other professionals from the community working side-by-side to improve facilities.  We look forward to welcoming Mission Builders back!   But they can’t do it alone.


Are you interested in Volunteering?  Some volunteers may be here for one day, others may bring up a camper/trailer and help out for a week or a month.  The opportunities are endless – and we’d love to have you join this “Adventure Anchored in Christ!”  Questions?  Please call or email Deb Syvertson, our volunteer coordinator, at (701) 228-6130 or

To register to be a volunteer, please send in (via e-mail or mail) your Volunteer Registration Form.  Click Here for the registration form OR call our office at 701-263-4788 and we can mail a Volunteer Registration Form and more information to you.

Come for a day or more!  We will provide you with free lodging and some meals.  Bring a friend or family members.  No experience is needed!  We can find something for you to do!

Leave A Legacy – Naming Opportunities

Gifts to the campaign will be sought in the form of cash, appreciated marketable securities, land or other assets that can be readily converted to cash. Individuals, families and businesses will be invited to participate in this campaign effort through a three to five year pledge or one time gift. Charitable foundations and other granting sources will also be solicited.

Naming, memorial and/or tribute gift opportunities are available to individuals, families, businesses, and foundations contributing $25,000 or more to the campaign. Recognition of all naming/memorial gifts will be tastefully presented in a visible location at Metigoshe Ministries.

At Pelican Lake – Phase I

Opportunity Gift Level
Anna Manor Addition
To Name The Addition (Claimed) $250,000
Anna Manor Storm Shelter (Claimed) $100,000
Lobby (Claimed) $75,000
Landscaping $50,000
Anna Manor Meeting Room $40,000
Anna Manor Offices [4] $25,000 each
Opportunity Gift Level
Retreat House
To Name The Retreat House (Claimed) $500,000
Theme Rooms [6] (All Claimed) $50,000 each
Living/Meeting Room (Claimed) $100,000
Kitchen (Claimed) $50,000
Parking/Path/Landscaping (Claimed) $50,000
Deck/Porch $25,000
New Cabins
New Cabins [15] (All Claimed) $25,000 each

At The Christian Center – Phase II

Opportunity Gift Level
To Name the Conference Center (Claimed) $1,000,000
Sleeping Room Wing $500,000
Large Group Conference Room $250,000
Conference Room (2) (Both Claimed) $100,000
Welcome Area (Claimed) $100,000
Canopy Drive Through (Claimed) $100,000
Lower Landscaping $100,000
Gathering Room (Claimed) $75,000
Upper Landscaping $50,000
Conference Room Kitchen Area (Claimed) $50,000
Theme Room (6) (4 Claimed) $50,000
Memorial Chapel (Claimed) $30,000
Upper Gardens (Claimed) $30,000
Welcome Kiosk (Claimed) $25,000
Sauna (Claimed) $25,000
Office (2) $25,000
Hallway Entrance Sitting Area (Claimed) $25,000
East Entrance & Landscaping $50,000
Promenade $25,000

Contact Executive Director Rev. Jonathan B. Halvorson to learn more about how you can leave your legacy at Metigoshe Ministries by emailing him at or calling him at 701.263.4788.

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Our Progress So Far

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Camp Stories

Throughout the years, countless lives have been inspired by experiences at camp. Former campers and former camp staff share their stories about their time with Metigoshe Ministries over the years. Learn how the experience helped guide and shape their lives both spiritually and professionally. Testimonials like these emphasize the need to keep the camp up to date, progressive, and accessible for generations to come. Tomorrow’s leaders need places like Camp Metigoshe to explore and develop their faith.

John Ydstie and Mary Jo Vrem

John Ydstie and Mary Jo Vrem are both former Metigoshe campers and summer staff members. John is currently a correspondent/host for NPR. Mary Jo is a FEMA Officer.

Dr. Ann Siegle Drege and Rev. Marsh Drege

Dr. Ann Siegle Drege is a former camper and staff member. She is currently a college professor and the campaign co-chair for Alumni Gifts. The Rev. Marsh Drege is the Co-Chair for Staff Alumni Gifts, a former Executive Director of Camp Metigoshe, and is the Executive Director of the Seafarers International House.

Mary Kate Wold

Mary Kate Wold was a Metigoshe camper and summer staff member. She is currently the President and CEO of the Church Pension Fund for the Episcopal Church in the USA.

Rev. David Zellmer

The Rev. David Zellmer is a former Metigoshe camper and is now the ELCA Bishop of the South Dakota Synod.

Dr. Ken Holmen

Dr. Ken Holmen was a summer staff member at Camp Metigoshe and is currently the CEO of CentraCare Health.

Rich Sommer

Rich Sommer is a professional actor who is also a former camper and summer staff member at Camp Metigoshe.

Leon Dietrich

Leon Dietrich was a summer camper and summer staff member.

What I Learned

Metigoshe gives campers and staff alike so much every summer. But don’t take our word for it. Listen as campers, current and former, share what they learned while taking part at Camp Metigoshe.

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