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Capital Campaign Unanimously Approved!

On Sunday, November 1, 2015 delegates to a special meeting of the Metigoshe Ministries Corporation voted unanimously in favor of moving forward with a capital campaign that will update and expand ministry facilities both at Camp Metigoshe at Pelican Lake and the Lakeside Christian Center on Lake Metigoshe.

The motion that was put before the assembly was for a minimum $4.5 million campaign, with an ultimate goal of $7 million. The campaign will be made up of three phases. Phase I will attend to all of the projects at Camp Metigoshe: replacement of 15 cabins; expansion of Anna Manor; and construction of Retreat Housing (what we had earlier termed “Hospitality Housing,” if you were in attendance at our annual meeting or one of our town hall meetings). Phase II will see to the construction of the large group retreat space at the Christian Center, and Phase III will build additional sleeping rooms at the Christian Center – and will also include updates to parts of the existing Center.

It is important to note that the costs of Phases I & II will total $4.5 million. The board is committed to undertaking a campaign that does not leave large tracts of unfinished space. If it appears we will not make it to the fullness of our $7 million goal we would refrain from moving into Phase III – or update it, bringing proposed changes to an upcoming annual meeting, in order to make appropriate use of funding.

Work is already beginning to form campaign leadership teams and to work through many of the other details that need to be worked through. The campaign will formally launch early in 2016. This, as well as all other important details will be shared with you as we move forward. Please click here for the handout from the corporation meeting.