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February Metigoshe in Motion Events

Bread of Life Story Core Retreat

This was the third year we had the Bread of Life Story Core youth join us at the Christian Center for a retreat filled with fun, games and diving into the Word. Each year the group has learned about a topic related to the church such as worship and baptism.  This year we learned about communion–where it came from and why communion is so important to us. A unique part about this retreat is the bonding the group encounters.  They already know each other, but spending intentional time together at the retreat grows that bond even more.  We even do a fun collaborative art project together.  We also found an opportunity to go sledding and play in the snow at Camp.  #SnowMuchFun!
















Berthold Sunday School Extravaganza #2

The second of four events with Zion Lutheran Church in Berthold. We had fun hanging out with the kids during Sunday School, as we played games, sang songs and learned more about forgiveness and how we are to forgive others as Jesus forgave us. Our next event with this church will be in March.

Another Mayville Lock-In

Our second lock in with Mayville Lutheran Church. This time we welcomed twelve 4th-8th graders. We learned about forgiving our neighbor and how we should forgive others as Jesus forgave us. We also enjoyed some great lock-in games such as Hungry, Hungry Hippos and Sardines!  To top things off we had the youth join in to learn a camp skit and then share it at church the next day.

Church Services at the Mayville parish sites

The Sunday following our lock-in, we lead worship services for three congregations in the parish using the MIM Liturgy that is made up of camp songs. We also put on a skit about forgiveness during the children’s sermon time.  Some of the youth from our lock-in were at one of the services, so they were able to join us! The congregations we lead services for were Gran, Mayville Lutheran and UCC.  It was great fun to meet many people, but we didn’t have too much time to get to know them as we had to rush to the next service! 


Our time hanging out with the kids at East Dunseith Housing this month was great fun.  We had some nice weather which made for some fantastic snowballs.  We walked around with the kids throwing snowballs at each other and ended up playing some snowball basketball.  We went inside to warm up a bit, do some fun crafts, and enjoy a quick snack. Stanley

Our first of four events with American Lutheran Church in Stanley. We “camp-ified” their Wednesday Church School for preschool-6th grade youth.  We played the “Connected Name Game,” learned about what it means to be the “Body of Christ,” loudly sang some camp songs, and decorated a puzzle piece to show our part in the Body of Christ.  We will continue to explore this theme with them in March and April.

Sunday Worship in Rolla #3

For our third worship service with Our Savior’s Lutheran in Rolla, we continued to use the new MIM Liturgy.  This liturgy is made up of camp songs that can be found on the camp CDs.  It was fun to see some of the congregation remembering the words and actions to the songs!  We also shared a children’s message with some tootsie rolls and a camp sticker.    After the service, we were able to enjoy a classic Lutheran potluck and hang out with the congregation.  Our next worship service with them will be at the end of March.



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