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Garden Grants Galore!

It was a long, long, cold winter at Metigoshe Ministries this year.  Even though the garden lay under a deep blanket of snow, there was still plenty of garden work to do!  We were busy planning for this coming summer with dreams of fresh veggies and campers digging in the dirt!  One part of the planning process this year was grant writing in order to fund the exciting projects in store for Metigrowshe Gardens.

Through the wonderful generosity of the Arthur and Edith Pearson Foundation of Westhope, ND we are off to a great start in making garden dreams a reality!  With the funds provided by this Foundation there are now wheelchair accessible gardening beds at camp and a high tunnel (for keeping little plants warm on chilly days at nights in Spring and Fall!) will be added to the garden area this fall.  Into the future with these funds we will also be able to construct a small greenhouse to extend the growing season in this cool climate.

Another fantastic grant was received through the NDSU Jr Master Gardener program.  This grant will allow us to purchase and install irrigation lines in the garden so that the thirsty plants can get the water they need without someone standing in the garden for half a day with a garden hose!

Cold as it may have been, our dreams of a green, green garden kept us going all winter!

Still dreaming of a green garden (as we see snowbanks outside the windows). Here are some basil seedlings growing at the Parsonage!