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Grandparents and Family Camp: Making Memories to Last a Lifetime

Gaining more and more popularity at camp are our Grandparent and Family Camps. For grandparents, they can bring any of their grandchildren who will be in grades 1-4 and just enjoy each other, the outdoors and build their faith together as well. We have grandparents who bring just one of their grandchildren, or some who bring 4! We definitely have repeat customers, as the grandparents keep coming back until they run out of grandchildren the right age.

Family Camp is also becoming a favorite. We have had waiting lists to get in for the past 3 years and 2022 looks to be that way as well. Families enjoy the Camp Metigoshe experience together. We have young families, families with teens and we also have multi-generational families comings as well…parents, kids and their kids, or some even bring their uncles and aunts. Make sure to sign up early if you are interested in Family Camp.

Both Grandparents and Family Camps are able to enjoy the camp experience while staying in our high-comfort rooms at the Christian Center. No need to bring sleeping bags and pillows…we provide everything for you. It is the best of both worlds.