High Ropes Course

Welcome to “Higher than the Mountains,” Camp Metigoshe’s high ropes course.  You can reserve the course by calling Jenn at 701-263-4788 or emailing highropes@metigosheministries.com.

From half-day events to multi-day programs, we work closely with you to customize your experience on “Higher than the Mountains” to fit your needs and goals.

Please go to the photo gallery to see pictures of Camp Metigoshe’s premier course that includes a zip line over 300 feet long, spectacular views of pristine lakes and the aspen forest, and nearly 20 different elements calling upon individuals and teams to challenge themselves and grow together.

The course name comes from a camp song that is a reminder of God’s ever-present love, “Higher than the mountains, deeper than the seas, wider than the ocean is Your love for me.”  Of course, at 35 feet in the air, one is also, very literally, higher than the mountains—the Turtle Mountains that is.

Ropes Course Availablity

High Rope Health and Release Form

What is a High Ropes Course?

  • A series of cables, platforms, wooden beams, and ropes suspended 30 feet above the ground
  • Challenging oneself personally and working together as a team, individuals maneuver through the course
  • Climbers are safely harnessed at all times
  • Camp Metigoshe’s course has nearly 20 different elements, allowing for a broad range of challenges
  • After a group’s experience on the course, conversations facilitated by staff allow for personal and team reflection

Benefits of a High Ropes Course

  • Team building through cooperation and encouragement
  • Strengthened relationships by creating trusting bonds
  • Improved communication and problem solving skills
  • Growth in confidence
  • Experience in goal setting and perseverance
  • Incredibly fun adventure

Who Should use a High Ropes Course?

  • Athletic Teams
  • Student Groups
  • Staffs
  • Families
  • Church Youth Groups
  • Boards and Church Councils
  • Business Teams

Note: Participants must be 13 years old to climb.