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Kat Perkins Cancels Nights of Christmas Performance; Chloe Marie to Perform

We are disappointed to announce that Kat Perkins has chosen to cancel her performance with Metigoshe Ministries tonight – December 28th – for our Nights of Christmas celebrations. One of Kat’s accompanists has a commitment that is likely to be impacted by the storms forecast for eastern North Dakota. The storms are predicted to create travel difficulties late Saturday night and all day Sunday – which would potentially create problems for their return trip from Metigoshe to the Twin Cities.

While we are obviously disappointed with this choice, we wish Kat well. We are also incredibly excited that Chloe Marie – a young & rising North Dakota musical star in her own right – has agreed to return as a last-minute performer again tonight! To learn more about Chloe Marie, visit her website at Don’t forget to also visit , where you can learn more about how Chloe Marie won North Dakota’s competition and about upcoming TV airings.