Metigoshe In Motion

Metigoshe in Motion (MIM) is a program designed to connect Camp Metigoshe to constituent congregations to assist in providing affordable and sustainable ministry support.

Once the congregation and Metigoshe Ministries has partnered, Metigoshe MInistries will provide the following:

  • Provide staff (affectionately called MIMisters) and planning for up to four events per year
  • Create curriculum and make it available to you as you continue the conversation between scheduled events
  • Work with you to find ways to include congregational members in the process
  • Tailor MIM to fit the needs of your congregation

What is the congregation’s role with Metigoshe in Motion? Once committed to partnering with Metigoshe Ministries, responsiblities include:

  • Committing to further development of youth and family ministry in your congregation
  • Contracting with Metiogshe Ministries to create a plan tailored to your congregation
  • Spreading the word to get more youth and families involved in your congregation
  • Completing evaluations of the program following each visit so we can continue to provide quality programming that fits your needs

What areas of ministry does Metigoshe in Motion cover?

The types of ministry covered at your congregation depends on your needs. Some potential ideas are:

  • Elementary Students
  • Confirmation Students
  • Junior High Students
  • Senior High Students
  • Intergenerational
  • Worship and Music
  • Ideas of Your Own!

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Ideas for Events

  • Lock-in’s
  • Retreats
  • Family and Intergenerational Events
  • Music and Worship
  • Add camp excitement for an existing program
  • Create your own event

Fee Structure

Congregations have options on how many events they would like Metigoshe in Motion to participate in. The fees are as follows:

  • Four Events – $1,000
  • One to Three Events – $300 per event
  • Options available if you plan to join in MIMistry with another congregation

Examples of Metigoshe in Motion partnering with your congregation:

  • If a congregation wants to enhance their confirmation ministry, perhaps MIMisters come for three 2-hour Wednesday confirmation nights focusing on Luther’s Small Catechism and one overnight “fun and faith” retreat during the year.
  • Another congregation hopes to deepen relationships across generations. MIMisters can work with congregational leaders to plan a series of Saturday afternoon intergenerational events throughout the year: like “scripture and sledding” during the winter.

For each of these examples, supplemental curriculum materials are provided for those months when MIMisters are not present in the congregation.

Interested in Learning More?

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