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Metigoshe Lutheran Adds Columbarium

Metigoshe Lutheran Church is building a Columbarium and supporting infrastructure to be called Metigoshe Columbarium Memorial Gardens. The columbarium and memorial gardens will be a sanctuary for those who have passed and those that remember them.

Cremation is rapidly increasing as a choice for the final resting spot for personal remains. Metigoshe Lutheran Church is responding to this cultural trend and is in the process of designing and fund raising for the Columbarium. The organizing committee has chosen a round configuration that will overlook the shores of Lake Metigoshe. The columbarium will memorialize your spirit near Metigoshe Lutheran Church and within the campus of Metigoshe Ministries.

Eligibility for internment in the Columbarium is membership in Metigoshe Lutheran Church, current Metigoshe Ministries staff, alumni staff, Board of Directors of Camp Metigoshe, and all Ministerial staff of Metigoshe Lutheran Church and Metigoshe Ministries.

An announcement brochure, pricing, Policies and Procedures and Application Forms is available via  Metigoshe Lutheran Church.  Please contact the offices of Metigoshe Lutheran Church for more information.