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Mother The Camp 2024 List

This summer we will have hundreds of campers to take care of! Help fill your Bible camp’s pantry and shop by “mothering our camp”. All of the items listed here are items we need at camp. Your donations add up to a significant cost savings. Drop off your items at the Christian Center, summer camp, Pelican Lake or your church in the month of May.

breakfast cereal
old-fashioned oatmeal
tomato sauce (No. 10 size)
canned vegetables (No. 10 size)
canned fruit (No. 10 size)
brown/white sugar
powdered sugar
gluten-free flour
gluten-free mixes
chocolate chips
butterscotch chips
peanut butter/jelly
pancake syrup
Hershey Kisses®
s’mores ingredients
granola bars
napkins/paper towel
paper cups
paper plates
toilet paper
dish soap
mosquito spray
permanent markers
reams of 8.5”x 11”
Batteries (AA, 9V)
Cenex gift cards (or other Bottineau or Minot area gas stations)
WalMart gift cards
Target gift cards
Marketplace Foods gift cards
Amazon gift cards