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New Intern Hired at Metigoshe Ministries

Michaela Grubb is our new program intern and is the founder of the non-profit Apenimo located in Dunseith. “I’ve heard testimony from so many people that Metigoshe is an awesome place to work and they were not kidding. There’s an intentionality to treat all people as loved children of God and that is important to me.”

Michaela’s main responsibility during her year-long internship is to learn about outdoor ministry and assist in program development. She works with Katie Vogel during the summer when camp is in session and Katie Sundbakken during the school year doing outreach.

“Metigoshe is a place for everyone, whatever your gifts, whatever your needs, whatever your story, you are a part of it all.”

When visiting Metigoshe Ministries, stop in and welcome Michaela as part of our staff.