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Q & A: Camp Counselors & Staff!

Your crew at Camp Metigoshe Pelican Lake answered questions about some of their personal favorites for Bible Camp!

Laura Morken, 1st summer, Counselor
Taylor Hall, 2nd summer, Health Shack Coordinator & Co-Chaplain
Kathryn Kester, 3rd summer, Programmatic Coordinator
Spike (Erik) Peterson, 4th summer, Counselor, Assistant for Seattle City Trek

1) What is your favorite place at Camp Metigoshe on Pelican Lake?
• TAYLOR: Scenic! I love being able to look over the entire camp, and to see the cross shaped directly into the sky.
• SPIKE: Pelican Lake, because a lot of the things we do at camp tie into the area the lake somehow and some way!
• KATHRYN: Wilderness, because it is super peaceful and beautiful, I can really see God’s creation there.
• LAURA: The Gazebo by the lake, because it is kind of away from things, but you can still see over the lake, and it is still very peaceful.

2) What is your favorite meal that we have at camp?
• TAYLOR: No-Hands Meal. It’s a time to just have fun, while also enjoying delicious food!
• SPIKE: Taco Lasagna, because it’s delicious!
• KATHRYN: Taco Lasagna. It makes my belly happy.
• LAURA: Chicken & gravy, because it reminds me of home; my mom makes this, too!

3) Were you ever a camper at Camp Metigoshe?
• TAYLOR: Yes, I was a Trailblazer for two years! The campers at the end of the week program died my hair pink. I don’t remember the reason, but when you are that young and you go home with pink hair…so much fun.
• SPIKE: No, I was never a camper here at Metigoshe.
• KATHRYN: Yes, I was a camper for seven years!
• LAURA: No, I never came to Metigoshe as a camper.

4) What cabins have you stayed in as a camper or counselor?
• TAYLOR: As a camper, I stayed in 7.7 one year, and A1 the other.
• SPIKE: I wasn’t a camper, but as a counselor, I’ve stayed in 1, 3, 4, 5, 5.5, Eagle, Jack, 6, 7.7, 8, 10…most of them.
• KATHRYN: As a camper, my cabins were 5, 5.5, 3, 2 through the years.
• LAURA: My counselor cabin has been 3 so far!

5) What is your favorite camp song?
• TAYLOR: “No One Is An Island,” our Camp Metigoshe closing song.
• SPIKE: “Light The Fire” is great!
• KATHRYN: That’s very hard! But I’d say “Amazing Grace (Grace Like Rain).”
• LAURA: “Triple Praise” is one of my favorites!