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Spring Dreaming

All ready growing! Baby Kale seedlings strain towards the light getting ready for their spring debut in Metigrowshe Garden.

Spring is here even though it doesn’t look that way out our window today!   This past weekend at our first annual Grace-Filled Gardens Retreat we planted seeds for the camp garden and for participants gardens.  Just three days later these little Kale seeds are already growing strong in their pampered accommodations in the parsonage workshop.  Other seeds to sprout so far are Basil and Calendula, an edible flower!  Still waiting on some herbs and Bell Peppers to sprout, they like to take their time.  In a few weeks we’ll be adding tomato seeds to our seedling trays.  

It will be too cramped at the parsonage for all of the seedlings that are planned so we’ve been working on re-building an old greenhouse shed located near the Christian Center.  In a few weeks that will be up and running with electricity, grow lights, a heater and vents to keep our baby plants growing strong!

Check back in a few days for an update about what we’ve been working on over the winter!