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Springing Into Action

IMG_0047In the Turtle Mountains spring was quite brief after a very long and cold winter.  Now that we are already enjoying summer temperatures and weather, it means that the all important Spring garden preparations had to be sped up considerably.  Check out the pictures of all the gardening action the last month!  We have been starting seeds in our newly remodeled greenhouse, building trellis, preparing the soil and planting in both the high tunnel (first growing season!) and the main garden, and now all of a sudden weeding like crazy to keep up with the intense green growth brought on by rains followed by very warm, sunny days!   Summer Staff are going through training and learning all about what we will be doing in the garden this summer.  Thanks to all the volunteers who make it possible to do all that we do in the garden!
We can’t wait to share the excitement of growing plants, fresh yummy produce and learning about “Gardening in God’s Time” with the campers!!!