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February Family Devotions

Our Family’s Adventure Anchored in Christ is a resource designed to be used in community. “Our family” can be a small group at church, part of WELCA Bible Studies, or used in the home – there are so many options! … Continue reading

What Exactly is Metigoshe in Motion?

Metigoshe in Motion is a new program at Metigoshe Ministries. We fondly refer to the program as MIM and our MIM staff members as “MIMisters.” As a MIMister myself, I often get asked what my job exactly is or what … Continue reading

“Eggstra” Special

 This summer brought a very significant change to our garden area and garden learning sessions!  We welcomed 21 laying hens to their brand new coop and outdoor enclosure.  The chickens are a great addition to camp for many reasons.  We … Continue reading

Q & A: Camp Counselors & Staff!

Your crew at Camp Metigoshe Pelican Lake answered questions about some of their personal favorites for Bible Camp! Laura Morken, 1st summer, Counselor Taylor Hall, 2nd summer, Health Shack Coordinator & Co-Chaplain Kathryn Kester, 3rd summer, Programmatic Coordinator Spike (Erik) … Continue reading