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What Exactly is Metigoshe in Motion?

Metigoshe in Motion is a new program at Metigoshe Ministries. We fondly refer to the program as MIM and our MIM staff members as “MIMisters.” As a MIMister myself, I often get asked what my job exactly is or what exactly does MIM do. To be honest, I’m still trying to figure that out, because MIM is very broad – If a church can dream it, I’ll say we can do it! But sometimes that’s not very helpful for our churches – some need ideas or a list to choose from.

If you are still deciding about partnering with MIM for your congregation or just need to see what MIM can be about, you are in luck! This October there will be 4 preview events hosted at a church near you – at no cost! I hope you take the time to visit us at one of the events. Each event will be a bit different, but we will also show you samples of other ideas to do with MIM.

     Wednesday, October 1 at American Lutheran Church in Stanley from 6-8 p.m.  Target Group will be announced at a later date.

     Saturday, October 11 at First Lutheran Church in Rugby in the evening. Exact time will be announced at a later date. Target Group will be 7th Graders.

     Sunday, October 12 at First Lutheran Church in Minot from 5-7:30 p.m. Target group will be Families.

     Wednesday, October 15 at First Lutheran in Bottineau in the evening. Exact time will be announced at a later date. Target group will be 7-12 Grades.

I bet you are still wondering what a MIMister does. Here’s my take on it so far: I view the “MIMistry” as a large conglomeration of roles including event planner, consultant, curriculum development, communications, outreach coordinator, community enhancer, North Dakota traveler, advertiser/marketer, and so much more. And in a few months, I’ll probably add more to that list!

I think one of the best parts of being a MIMister is that every day is different and every congregation is different. No two events should be exactly the same. I also have the joy of getting to know many different individuals and communities who are excited to share their love for God. I probably have one of the best jobs at Metigoshe Ministries, but don’t tell my co-workers, they’ll want to take my job all for themselves!